In this blog post, we’ll explore Globe SIM cards and eSIM options for tourists in the Philippines. Let’s dive in and discover how you can stay connected seamlessly throughout your trip! Whether you want to share your experiences on social media, navigate through unfamiliar streets, or stay in touch with your loved ones back home, having a reliable mobile network is crucial.

GLobe SIM Card feature picture

I. Quick Facts about Globe

  • Founded in 1935, Globe has played a pivotal role in transforming communication in the nation
  • Boasts more than 80 million customers
  • Provides an extensive array of offerings such as mobile, internet, landline, and entertainment services
  • With over 7,000 retail stores and distribution partners nationwide
  • GlobeTelecom’s network reaches over 95% of the Philippine population

II. Phillipines Globe Coverage and Speed

1. Globe Coverage in the Philippines

When it comes to coverage, Globe has an extensive network that spans across the Philippines’ 7,641 islands. It covers both urban areas and remote locations, ensuring that you stay connected wherever your adventure takes you. From the bustling streets of Manila to the pristine beaches of Palawan, Globe strives to provide reliable network coverage throughout the archipelago.

While Globe covers a vast majority of the country, certain remote areas may have limited or no network coverage. If you plan to venture off the beaten path, it’s advisable to check the coverage maps or inquire locally about connectivity options.

2. Globe Speed

Globe’s speed is also competitive with other mobile operators in the Philippines. According to Ookla, a global internet testing and analysis platform, Globe had a mean mobile download speed of 22.29 Mbps in Q1 2023, which was second only to Smart’s 33.39 Mbps.

Globe’s mean mobile upload speed was 6.45 Mbps, which was slightly higher than Smart’s 6.42 Mbps. Globe’s speed was also faster than DITO’s, a new mobile operator that had a mean download speed of 18.63 Mbps and a mean upload speed of 4.99 Mbps. 

III. Globe Connectivity Options for Travelers to the Philippines

To cater to the diverse needs of tourists visiting the Philippines, Globe offers various connectivity options. Whether you prefer a traditional SIM card or the convenience of an eSIM, Globe has you covered.

Globe Connectivity Options for Travelers

Option Pros Cons
Buying a Globe SIM  - Cheap - Flexible - Easy - Need an unlocked device - Need to change your number - May have compatibility issues
Using a pocket wifi  - Can connect multiple devices - No need to change your number or SIM card- Portable - Expensive - Need to charge and return the device - May have limited data
Roaming with Globe - No need to change your number or SIM card- Can use your existing plan and features- Can receive calls and texts from your home country - Very expensive- May have limited data or speed- May not work with all networks or devices- May incur hidden charges

Based on this comparison, we can conclude that buying a Globe SIM card or eSIM is the most convenient and economical solution for travelers who want to stay connected in the Philippines. You can enjoy fast and reliable internet access, as well as local calls and texts, without paying exorbitant roaming fees or renting a pocket wifi device.

IV. Best Globe SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

When it comes to choosing the best Globe SIM card for your needs, it depends on factors such as your data requirements, duration of stay, and budget. Let’s explore some popular options:

Globe Prepaid SIM Cards

Traveler SIM Pre-loaded Traveler SIM eSIM
Availability Select airport arrival areas by presenting foreign docs Globe booths or retail partners Globe booths, partners or website
Inclusions 10 GB data, unlimited calls/texts, GInsure for 7 days Varies but eg. 40 GB data, unlimited calls/texts, GInsure for 30 days for 1000 pesos Choose from data plans
Extend Usage TravelSurf promos N/A Switch between eSIM and physical SIM

V. Does Globe Support eSIM?

Yes, Globe was one of the first mobile operators in the Philippines to support eSIM on their network.

Some key advantages of eSIM compared to physical SIM include:

  • Convenience of installing and activating a data plan digitally without a physical SIM card
  • Ability to easily install and switch between multiple data plans from different carriers
  • No need to physically swap SIM cards when travelling between countries or islands

There are many Globe travel eSIM providers on the market. With this type of eSIM, customers do not need to go to the network operator to register and activate a plan. One of those resellers is Philippines eSIM. They offers diverse eSIM packages for different duration and data needs.

Plan that may interest you

Philippines eSIM 10 Days Plan
Philippines eSIM 10 Days Plan
From $11.00
Philippines eSIM 15 Days Plan
Philippines eSIM 15 Days Plan
From $11.50
Philippines eSIM 30 Days Plan
Philippines eSIM 30 Days Plan
From $12.00

VI. Where Can You Buy a Globe SIM Card and eSIM?

To purchase a Globe SIM card or eSIM, you have several options available throughout the Philippines. Consider the following places:

1. Upon Arrival

Globe SIM cards can be purchased at airports upon arrival in the Philippines. Booths are located in major international airports like Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport. 

Buying SIM Card at upon arrival
Buying SIM Card at Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport

2. Globe Stores

You can visit any of the many Globe Stores located nationwide to purchase a SIM card. Globe Stores typically have visible branding and sell other Globe products in addition to SIM cards.

buying Globe SIM Card at physical store

3. Authorized Retail Stores

Other convenient locations to buy a Globe SIM include major convenience stores and commercial centers. Authorized retailers include 7-Eleven, MiniStop and convenience kiosks inside malls.

Tips for purchasing a physical SIM card include:

  • Checking data package inclusions and validity
  • Keeping the receipt
  • Activating the SIM as soon as possible

4. eSIM provider

Globe SIM cards and eSIM can also be ordered online for delivery across Philippines and one of the best website you can buy is Philippines eSIM by GIGAGO.

VII. How to Activate Globe SIM Card/eSIM

Activating your Globe SIM card or eSIM is a straightforward process. Here’s how you can get started:

1. How to use Globe Philippines SIM card

  1. Insert the SIM card into your device.
  2. Power on your device and wait for the network signal to appear.
  3. You will receive an SMS from Globe with instructions on how to activate your SIM card.
  4. Follow the instructions provided in the SMS, which usually involve dialing a specific USSD code to complete the activation process.

2. How to activate Globe Philippines eSIM

  1. Ensure that your device supports eSIM technology and has an active internet connection.
  2. Go to your device settings and navigate to the “Mobile Data” or “Cellular” section.
  3. Look for the option to add a new cellular plan or eSIM profile.
  4. Scan the QR code provided by Globe or manually enter the activation details.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the eSIM activation process.

Please refer to the detailed activation guides below for your device:

  • Activate eSIM on iPhone
  • Activate eSIM on Samsung phones
  • Activate eSIM on Google Pixel phones

VIII. Philippines Globe Call & SMS Rates

Globe offers competitive call and SMS rates to both local and international numbers. Here are some examples of the rates for reference:

Philippines Globe Call & SMS Rates

Promo Price Validity Inclusions
GOCALLIDD 30 $0.63 7 days $0.10/min to Middle East and Europe $0.05/min to North America and Asia
GOCALLIDD 50 $1.05 15 days $0.10/min to Middle East and Europe $0.05/min to North America and Asia
GOCALLIDD 99 $2.08 30 days $0.10/min to Middle East and Europe 0.05/min to North America and Asia
GOCALLIDD 199 $4.16 30 days $0.10/min to Middle East and Europe $0.05/min to North America and Asia

It’s worth noting that these rates are subject to change, so it’s advisable to check with Globe or refer to their official website for the most up-to-date information.

IX. Useful USSD Codes for Globe SIM Card/eSIM

Globe provides a range of USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) codes that allow you to access and manage various services. Here are some useful USSD codes for Globe SIM cards and eSIM:

  1. 143#: Check your load balance, register to promos, and more.
  2. *143#: Access the full menu of services.
  3. 143111#**: Check your account balance.
  4. 14310#: Check your remaining data allocation.
  5. 14311#: Check your remaining call minutes.
  6. 14312#: Check your remaining SMS.

These are just a few examples of the USSD codes provided by Globe. You can explore more options and services by dialing *143# and navigating through the available menu.

X. FAQs about Globe in the Philippines

Can I use my foreign SIM card in the Philippines?

Yes, you can use your foreign SIM card in the Philippines. However, international roaming charges may apply, which can be costly. It’s recommended to check with your home network provider about the roaming rates and packages available to make an informed decision.

Is it better to get a prepaid or postpaid SIM card?

The choice between prepaid and postpaid SIM cards depends on your usage requirements and preferences. Prepaid SIM cards offer flexibility and control over your expenditure, while postpaid plans provide higher data allocations and additional perks. Assess your needs and compare the available options to choose the most suitable one for your trip.

Can I use my eSIM iPhone with Globe in the Philippines?

Yes, you can use your eSIM-compatible iPhone with Globe in the Philippines. Globe supports eSIM technology, allowing you to activate the Globe eSIM profile on your device for seamless connectivity without the need for a physical SIM card.

XI. Final Words

Staying connected during your visit to the Philippines is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable travel experience. Whether you opt for a traditional Globe SIM card or embrace the convenience of an eSIM, Globe offers reliable network coverage, competitive rates, and diverse connectivity options to cater to your needs. Choose the best Globe SIM card or eSIM plan based on your usage requirements and stay connected wherever your adventure takes you. Enjoy your trip to the Philippines, and happy travels!